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Shaping the Future – Innovations to Improve Access and Build a More Equitable Tax System.

Tax Equity Funders Network

Advancing Tax Systems That Work for All

The Tax Equity Funders Network (formerly the EITC Funders Network) brings together national, regional and local level funders working to improve equity and economic security by reducing the tax burden on lower-income workers and modernizing state and federal tax systems.

Why Equity?

All taxpayers should have access to tax systems that help them achieve and sustain financial security. But too many taxpayers face systemic barriers to opportunity because of race, ethnicity, gender, or ability. The Tax Equity Funders Network seeks to use the tools of our tax systems to undo historic discrimination and provide avenues for low- and moderate-income families and communities to thrive. 

Events & Webinars

Network Goals

The Tax Equity Funders Network works to increase equity, reduce financial stress, and improve health, education and employment outcomes for lower-income Americans by:

Reducing the tax burden to improve outcomes

Expanding access to federal and state tax credits

Removing financial, system, and process burdens

The Tax Equity Funders Network is generously funded by:

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