Advancing Tax Systems That Work for All

Special Projects

The Tax Equity Funders Network oversees a number of special projects that aim to identify and test individual and collective strategies to improve equity in the tax code.

IRS Direct File Pilot

In the Summer of 2023, the IRS announced that it would be moving forward with a Direct File pilot that will allow taxpayers to e-file directly with the IRS at no cost.

Innovations Project with Prosperity Now

Six briefs have been written by field experts and answer the question: What are innovations that would dramatically improve the ability of low- and moderate-income taxpayers to access all the tax benefits there are eligible for?

California Funder Discussion Series

We are hosting a three-part virtual learning and discussion series for California funders on improving economic security, wealth-building opportunities, and equity for low-income Californians through the tax code.

The Community Foundation CO-OP Fund

The CO-OP Fund supported local outreach and enrollment efforts for the Advanced CTC made possible by the American Rescue Plan Act.

EITC Pooled Fund

The Pooled Fund supports the protection and expansion of state EITCs.

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