Innovations Project with Prosperity Now

In partnership with Prosperity Now, the Tax Equity Funders Network worked with network members and field leaders for over one year to identify and write about innovative strategies that can help to maximize the number of individuals and families who have access to tax credits and non-predatory tax preparation services. Six briefs have been written by field experts and answer the question: What are innovations that would dramatically improve the ability of low- and moderate-income taxpayers to access all the tax benefits there are eligible for? 

Paper topics include:

  • Effective Engagement Strategies for Funders and Partners
  • Future Government Funded Free Tax Filing Assistance
  • Improvements to the Current VITA Program
  • Increased Access to Assisted FreeSelf-Filing (FSA)
  • Regulating Paid Preparers
  • UsingArtificial Intelligence to Make Systemic Improvements at the IRSworked

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