Winter 2022 Webinar

Expansions in the federal Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit mean that millions of workers and families with low-incomes have access to expanded tax credits – which will translate to cash in their pockets when they file their taxes. However, too many of these workers and families do not know they are eligible or how to get their taxes completed in non predatory settings.

With EITC Awareness Day being celebrated on January 28th, local and community foundations have a critical opportunity to seize the moment, raise awareness of the tax credits among grantee partners, and work collaboratively in local communities to ensure that every worker and family member receives the tax credit benefits they have earned. Watch our strategy conversation on ways to maximize the EITC for millions of people this tax season.

  • Roxy Caines, Center on Budget on Policy Priorities
  • Maranda Engquist, Legacy Foundation
  • Aaron Lowinger, SayYes Buffalo
  • Gellenia Smallwood, SayYes Buffalo
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