Tax Credits After Federal Tax Reform

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On March 8th, 2018, we hosted our annual policy webinar focusing on last year’s progress in the states, novel state approaches to creating more access to the EITC, and what’s ahead for the federal and state tax credits in the wake of changes to the federal tax code.

Last year, three states enacted new EITCs and a number of states expanded existing credits. In addition, Massachusetts took an important step in expanding EITC access to domestic violence survivors and Oregon passed an employer notification requirement to increase the state’s low uptake rate. This year, several states have already introduced tax credit legislation and states may see additional opportunities to push tax credits in response to federal tax reform.

The webinar provided an overview of current EITC policy pushes, background on last year’s innovative campaigns to expand access in Oregon and Massachusetts, and information about what’s ahead for the federal and state tax credits in 2018.

Speakers included:
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