Housing Insecurity is an Economics Problem: Connecting Economic and Housing Justice

After many consecutive years of decline, homelessness has been on the rise across the country, with particular increases of people living unsheltered. Countless more in the US are just one financial crisis away from losing their housing as the cost of rent skyrockets in most communities. These are our neighbors. This is us.

In this virtual meeting cohosted by Economic Opportunity Funders, Tax Equity Funders Network, Funders for Housing and Opportunity, and Funders Together to End Homelessness, we will situate the homelessness and affordable housing crises in the context of economic justice. We will connect the dots between advocacy on financial security and housing stability, highlighting promising interventions like direct cash transfers and universal rental assistance, with an eye toward prevention of homelessness.

Join us on
September 7, 2023 | 3-4pm ET

Our goal is that economic opportunity and tax equity funders see how the housing crisis pertains to all of us, leaving the conversation with concrete ideas for deeper learning and action.

Meeting Materials & Resources 

  1. Meeting Deck
  2. Meeting Video
  3. Learn more about Funders Together’s definition of Housing Justice
  4. Read more about the Housing Wage
  5. Read the UN report on the financialization of housing
  6. Explore more about about the housing needs by state
  7. NPR report on right to counsel
  8. COVID-19 Response and System Redesign: Recommendations for Philanthropy to Support Solutions to End Homelessness
  9. The PolicyLink Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit
  10. Philanthropy Cannot Be Expected to “Fill the Gap” in Rental Assistance Need Caused by Lack of Government Support
  11. Oregon Worker Relief Fund
  12. Report on Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap in Oregon by the Coalition of Communities of Color, Research Justice Institute

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