Funder Virtual Convening: What do Taxes have to do with Equity?

Connecting Policy and Grassroots Strategies to Advance Race, Gender and Immigrant Equity through Tax Policy
Video of session #1 here

In a time when our communities are grappling with the multiple challenges of the pandemic, economic insecurity, and growing unrest over structural racism, charitable foundations are looking for strategies to work cross-sectionally to address root causes and build toward a better future. A critically important, but often overlooked, element of how racism, sexism and xenophobia manifest is found in federal and state tax policies.

Please join Economic Opportunity Funders, EITC Funders Network, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, and Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap for an interactive discussion of how charitable foundations are supporting policy and grassroots organizing strategies to increase equity in the tax code and explore learnings from concrete examples–especially for immigrant workers, education funding, and families with children–nationally and in states. 

Moderated by Cassandra McKee of Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, this gathering will have two sessions:

Watch the video of session #2 here
  • Part 2: Lessons from the Field and Opportunity for AdvancementA panel of policy and community engagement leaders will provide brief overviews of efforts underway to advance immigrant, racial and gender equity by making changes to the tax code. Then participants will break into small groups to dig more deeply on these strategies, identify key learnings, and opportunities for advancement

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