December 2022 Meeting: Moving from Learnings to Action

Over the past two years, funders and the field have learned much about helping families and workers access the tax credits they are eligible for and ensuring they can get their taxes done in low-cost, non-predatory settings. But how do we move from learnings to action?

Join the EITC Funders Network to learn about findings from two recent projects (the Community Foundation Community Outreach and Opportunity Fund and our young adult-focused social media campaign) and discuss how we move from learnings to action to maximize the impact of your work related to tax credits.

  • Ami Nagle, Director, EITC Funders Network
  • Nisha Patel, Consultant
  • Deneisha Thompson Senior Associate, EITC Funders Network

Meeting Materials
  1. Meeting Deck
  2. Jamboard Activity
  3. COOP Fund Report Highlights
  4. COOP Fund Final Report
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