Annual Policy Series 2023: A Focus on State Tax Credits

The EITC Funders Network and Economic Opportunity Funders hosted national and state field partners for a review of developments in state Earned Income Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits in 2022 and the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2023. Field partners from New Jersey and Ohio shared strategies being deployed to expand and modernize the credits and lessons learned. Participants also had an opportunity to discuss implications for philanthropy.

  • Amy HanauerITEP
  • Aidan Davis, ITEP
  • Will Petrik, Policy Matters Ohio
  • Nicole Rodriguez, New Jersey Policy Perspective

Meeting Materials

ITEP Reports

  1. State Child Tax Credits and Child Poverty: A 50-State Analysis
  2. How the Inflation Reduction Act’s Tax Reforms Can Help Close the Racial Wealth Gap
  3. More States are Boosting Economic Security with Child Tax Credits in 2022
  4. Boosting Incomes and Improving Tax Equity with State Earned Income Tax Credits in 2022
  5. National and State-by-State Estimates of Two Approaches to Expanding the Child Tax Credit
  6. Federal EITC Enhancements Help More Than One in Three Young Workers
  7. Resources on the Build Back Better Agenda (includes resources on CTC and EITC enhancements)

Niskanen Center Reports

  1. The State of our Families: Child and Dependent Tax Benefits in the States
  2. Strengthening Family Tax Benefits in Massachusetts
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